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Business struggle and success

Preaching the Dream Living the Nightmare

So often things look perfect from the outside but that is often far from the case and taking the right steps and having the right…
Be Welcoming and Engage with Your Customers

3 Key Things Small Businesses Must Improve

To Keep on top of the game your business must follow three crucial ideas to not only keep your customers satisfied, but coming back…
Productivity and change in the business

Unlocking Next Entrepreneurship Level

Want to take your business to the next level? That could mean letting go, opening to new currencies or a few more risky changes…
Consistent Success in Business

How To Ensure Your Business Remains A Consistent Success

To become the consistent success you hope to be you might need to make the best choices with top materials and products. In this…
Cryptocurrency for your business

Should Your Company Accept Cryptocurrency?

Is your business evolving with the increase in acceptance of digital currencies being used globally? While caution is advised due…
Become an earth friendly business

How To Reduce Your Business Carbon Footprint

We all play a role in the future of our earth and environment. Follow these ways to help reduce your overall carbon footprint to…
AI for your business

Why Your Company Needs AI

Having some AI, or Artificial Intelligence can seem futuristic, though more companies are going on board with this software. Here…
Outsource and delegate jobs to others

Do You Keep Drowning In A Metaphorical Paperwork Mountain?

Organization can be a killer on the business growth end, though a few simple strategies can get you up and running and flatten that…
Just Do It and Take Action

Just Flipping Do it

Taking action is the only way to get things done, though having a system in place will also let you enjoy life as well in the process.

This is Killing Me

Being a teacher and entrepreneur in the pandemic has been crazy as I feel like a new teacher all over again creating new content,…