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Customer review rating stars

The importance of customer testimonials or reviews

Customer video testimonials carry much more weight than text or images. With Testimonial Generator software, we make getting customer…
Facts about video testimonials

Testimonial Generator makes getting testimonials easy

The strain of trying to get customers to provide testimonials has been alleviated with the Testimonial Generator Software.
5 Easy ways to save money in your business

5 Ways Your Business Can Stop Wasting Money Today

Learn how to save money in your business the easy way with these 5 ideas.
Reopen Your Office During The Pandemic

How To Safely Reopen Your Office During The Pandemic

Be ready to open your business back up after a pandemic with these basic and minimal ideas
Good Customer support is essential to business growth

Ways to Enhance Customer Support

If you are not doing some of these basics with your customer support you might not have many customers
Business Brilliance to Grow your business with

How To Grow With Business Brilliance

With COVID causing massive layoffs and business closures it helps to expand your reach of how people see you with these simple suggestions.
Outsourcing myths to overcome in building your business

Outsourcing Myths Smart Entrepreneurs Stopped Believing Years Ago

Outsourcing can be an easy way to build your business if you can get over the myth associated with using them.
Customer testimonials made easy

Testimonial Generator Bonus

Having customer testimonials is a crucial part of getting other people to trust your products and services. Make the process for…
Do not let ignorance cost you in business growth

What You Don’t Know Could Be Costing You In Business

A few simple changes and strategies added into your business could have you growing in the right direction.
Get clicks for your websites the right way

Clicks To Grow Your Business

Getting the right kind of clicks to your website and products can be helped with a few simple changes