Cortland State Football Wins National Championship

Cortland State Football National Champions

Cortland State Football National Champions


My Alma Mater are now the New D3 Football National Champions!

They won the game last night by stopping the other team at the end who was taking a risky play.

The is the teams 118th year that they have had a football program and the FIRST time that not only did they win it all, but this was even the FIRST time they were even in the actual title game.

Did they give up years ago for never reaching the pinnacle? Heck no...they had a consistent goal.

They put their minds to it to continue to get better, learn from their mistakes, learn from what others were doing (or have done) and put that all together into continued progress and it paid off.

Now I know we all don't have 118 years to get to the top, but some people don't even spend 118 months (Just under 10 years) or sadly even 11.8 basically a year!

Yes 1 year of your life to start seeing some success.

That might not be the top position but too often people give up just a few months in and worse some people do it even after a few weeks or days if they don't all of a sudden see massive changes!

I challenge you to give it at least 1 year!

366 days (remember next year/2024 is a Leap Year)

12 Months...

...and refuse to quit!

One of our top leaders and trainers Tracey spoke of this in yesterdays "Firestarter Friday" trainings which you can check out in the recent Firestarter Friday training.

If you commit to it you will be surprised by how much different you will be in 1 year!

Even something as simple as a 1% change each day will continue to compound over time to show large growth in the long term.

I have a few recommendations here today to help you in that process.

Secrets of Success

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Got Backup?

3) Relieve the stress of ever losing an important file, photo or more on your phone or computer with Got Backup? Owner Joel Therien, who I have personally known for almost 10 years now has hooked me up with a special link that WAIVES the registration fee and saves you $40 on his relaunch of an amazing product to back up all your pictures, digital files and more

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So right there are THREE awesome things you can take a look at and treat yourself to improve on in 2024...or even your loved ones with the great products and backup options as we head into the holidays.

As always I want to make it TOTALLY worth your while and have some sweet bonuses for you! (*see the stipulations/requirements below)

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Bonus #4 MLM Starter Pack of Training CD's from Eric Worre and Jim Rohn to start your DTU, or Drive Time University education

Bonus #5 a $10 Gift Card to a place to be determined

Bonus #6 Lifetime coaching access to me to help you get up and running and earn some entries into the contest as well!

To Sweeten the POT even MORE...I am also going to honor Bonuses #1, #2, #3 and #6 to anyone you sponsor as well to help build your team as well! You get to piggyback off of my bonuses!

That is well over $5 in bonus value!

Read that again! You can piggyback off of MY BONUSES!!


These bonuses come with real cost, real shipping and real products along with real time spent by me preparing them etc. I cover them with commissions I make from sales of products and services that I am an affiliate for.

In order to qualify for these bonuses you must do AT LEAST ONE of the following:

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C) If you grab the Success Box, you must take the upsell or membership as there is no commission on the kit itself but there is with the upgrades.

NOTE 1: All physical products in bonuses #4 and #5 will be sent out AFTER commissions have been paid out which may vary from company to company to protect me from refunds.

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