How to get anything you want by Elsie Lincoln Benedict

How to Get Anything You Want

How to Get Anything You Want

If you celebrated Christmas yesterday I truly hope it was a great time with family, friends and loved ones...between time with my GF and her kids, my own three girls, dinner at my brothers place and seeing my other cousins and nieces it was a great day!

By the end of the night as I drove home though I started to get that feeling that many do at the end of a long season of build up and excitement.

Perhaps the fact that it was 50 degrees and sunny during the day instead of being snowy like it often is in upstate NY could be a culprit.

You may even experience this feeling as well at the end of the day or sometime shortly thereafter.

One of letdown, sadness or something along that lines.

Heck, the Christmas decorations went up in Costco around September (which in my opinion is way too early as it's was competing against the Halloween stuff!) so for the last 100+ days we have been having the holiday placed in front of us.

Then the continuous gatherings, parties, meetups and more when the big day comes and goes like a blur it leaves some feeling blah!

Especially if we have done way too much eating and more drinking than normal for the last couple months.

Well the best way to beat that is to get up and take action and start putting the right stuff into our bodies AND our minds.

Over the last couple months I have been listening to a great audio that is actually over 100 years old (well the book is at least but the recording is much newer)

that might be able to help you manifest the changes you want in your life as we wrap up 2023 and head into 2024

I challenge you to take this 3 day series to get you on the right path!

Elsie Lincoln Benedict How to get anything you want

How to Get Anything You Want by Elsie Lincoln Benedict

There is no cost to take part in this series and don't worry about the dates on the image as this is now an evergreen training challenge.

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