LiveGood Essential Oils

LiveGood Essential Oils Six Pack

LiveGood Essential Oils Six Pack

Recently LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky and Director of Product Development, Ryan Goodkin announced that they were going to release a multi pack of high quality and organically certified essential oils.

The LiveGood Essential Oils

The LiveGood Essential oils six pack will consist of the following essential oils

  1. Frankincense essential oil
  2. Peppermint essential oil
  3. Tea Tree essential oil
  4. Lavender essential oil
  5. Lemon essential oil
  6. Immunity essential oil (mixture of clove, cinnamon, orange, eucalyptus and rosemary)

In the above video Ryan and Lisa Goodkin break down the uses of the LiveGood essential oils as well as some different ways to apply them and also dive into what ones can be consumed and which ones should definitely not be swallowed.

In the video below from the most recent "Firestarter Friday" training Ben and Ryan speak about the essential oils and how some other brands out there may be either

  • Watered down (thus not having the correct amounts in them)
  • Not pure (having other impurities, molds, spores and more)
  • May contain heavy metals

LiveGood even conducted their own analysis through a third party and always shows a certificate of analysis on their website and had to delay the launch because one of the oils failed and thus needed to be adjusted and has since been corrected to meet their strict requirements as a high quality product.

Like all LiveGood products, the essential oils will be priced competitively for members at $49.99 (a $9.95/month or $99.95/year membership is required for these prices) where I believe he mentioned a price point of $69.99 for non members

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NOTE: As is the case will all posts on my website, I am an independent distributor and member of LiveGood and receive a commission if and when you decide to make a purchase through my link.

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