900,000 Members in LiveGood in 11 Months

LiveGood International Teams

LiveGood International Teams

The rapid worldwide growth of LiveGood membership has continued to impress many from around the world which is why so many countries are seeing explosive growth in their international teams.

Places like Korea, China, Kenya, Nigeria and others have had members popping up on the leaderboard for their growth.

While typical MLM companies have high entry points and expensive starter kits, LiveGood has broken the mold on that model and launched a low priced membership model (think Costco) and has no requirement for any auto-ship or starter packs.

You buy products when you want to buy products.  The latest product includes the new LiveGood International Wellness Pack which includes 6 quality items for just $89.95 (member pricing) or $129.95 (retail pricing) which includes all taxes and fees and ships anywhere around the world.

This is unheard of in the industry where I have had first hand experience in companies that charge $60 or more for just ONE bottle of vitamins.

This past week LiveGood also passed the 900,000 worldwide members mark in its quest to reach 1 million members in it's first year of existence.

No other company has growth of this rate with PAID memberships.

What does LiveGood Cost?

LiveGood has a membership model that allows you to save up to 79% off on the price compared to competitors.  Membership is just $9.95/month or you can save $20 and get the annual membership for $99.95.  As mentioned above there is no requirement to purchase any products.  You can buy when you desire them, which is just like someone owning a Costco membership and only going there every few months or when they need to stock up.

LiveGood Products currently consist mostly of health and beauty products and range from $8.50 to $28 for members and most are only about $5 more for non members, or retail customers.

Does LiveGood Have other Fees?

The only other fee you might possibly pay is a ONE time affiliate registration fee should you decide you would also like to be able to share the LiveGood products and membership options with friends and connections to be able to earn commissions. 

This one time fee is just $40 and is commissionable.  When you refer another affiliate/member you will earn a 50% commission on both the $40 registration fee as well as on the first month ($9.95) fee which would earn you $25 per new member that you referred.

Thus if you referred just two members, not only do you rank up to the first position of Bronze, but you also break even on your initial business investment.

The only fees after that are your continued monthly fees and any product purchases you might decide to make.

What does the LiveGood Compensation Plan Look Like?

You can see the 6 ways you can earn commissions with LiveGood in the LiveGood compensation Plan here!  Not only will you see how you can earn commissions ranging from referrals as mentioned above, but also from retail sales, team growth, matching checks and more.  Also included in that LiveGood comp plan PDF are details on rank advancements.

LiveGood has consistently seen many of their members ranking up to Bronze...sometimes as many as 600 members a day.

This is unheard of in the industry where many people often come in and never sponsor one member the whole time they are involved before they end up quitting or leaving for another opportunity.

The low price point of entry, the low prices of products, payment options of cryptocurrency and a great compensation plan are some of the major reasons why LiveGood International teams are exploding in growth.

If you are looking to join us in this amazing opportunity and build a massive team as well, please join us here: http://JoinDaveGardner.com

BONUSES For Joining LiveGood

Bonus #1 Lifetime Access to my List Building/Marketing training course, report and training videos

Bonus #2 Vacation Stay to a location of your choice where I cover the hotel (You would be responsible for other fees/transport etc.)

Bonus #3 150 MLM email/templates

Bonus #4 MLM Starter Pack of Training CD's from Eric Worre and Jim Rohn

Bonus #5 a $10 Gift Certificate to a place to be determined

Bonus #6 Lifetime coaching access to me to help you get up and running and earn some entries into the contest as well!

To Sweeten the POT even MORE...I am also going to honor Bonuses #1, #2, #3 and #6 to anyone you sponsor as well to help in getting YOU some entries into the contest!  You get to piggyback off of my bonuses!

Also you can see my recent blog post to learn a little more about the bonuses and LiveGood https://thedavidgardner.com/black-friday-cyber-monday-bonuses-for-joining-livegood/

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