The Now Lifestyle Team is Building Fast

It was real fun for me when I realized that I had another downline sign-up
in my Now Lifestyle Holding tank!

Now Lifestyle downline notificationI can put him wherever I want which is one of the coolest things about the
Back-end binary matrix that is part of the NLS program that my mentor and friend Joel
Therien has recently opened up for us to promote to those we feel will make
a great leadership team.

I want to invite you to come work with me in NLS as well.  Depending on when
you take action…I might just be able to put some spillover
below you…The quicker you take action, the more likely that will
take place!

I did not hesitate to get in when he opened this up and it has been working out nicely in my
favor up to this point.

Right now you can do the same as well for a 90% discount once you join here:

The biggest value of the ‘All in’ package is the lifetime access to the live retreats/
seminars that will occur all over the world.

In addition to being there to help you any way I can, we also have the pleasure
of working with Coach Seb, who has set us up with his webinar platform as
well where he will be doing presentations in English, French and Spanish which totally
increases our reach and provides us with even more opportunities for downline spillover.

If you are not sure what the now lifestyle is all about, here is a brief bit of info!
1) Health and nutrition online membership for you and up to 5 family/friends with interactive and
customizable nutrition plans and 800 plus training videos.
2) Physical Now Body workout home gym featuring resistance band training with 85 exercises as seen below:

Now Body Now Lifestyle resistance band workout station3) Nutritional supplements including Whey powder, multi-vitamins, fiber and more
4) Full marketing tools suite with the upgraded autoresponder platform inside of the member area

Front end commissions on memberships and physical products as well as binary comp on the back end.

I would highly recommend at least taking a look at it to see if it fits in your marketing plans
these days!

Let me know what questions you have…otherwise, just do it and get in and ask questions later!

315-559-2784 send me a text or give me a call if you have questions!

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