Where to find great marketing books on a budget

Where to find great marketing books on a budget

Salvation Army Marketing Book Buy

If you are one of those folks looking to start your own business but do not ever invest in your education and improving your skill set, you are in luck as there really are some great places to easily pick up great marketing books on a budget.

Today I am going to focus on three, though there are certainly others out there you can capitalize on as well.

Salvation Army

As you saw in the picture above, there are four books present.

  1. Small Business Answer Book
  2. 7 Habits of Highly effective People
  3. Being the best you can be in MLM
  4. Wave 4: Network Marketing in the 21st century

I picked up this lot all in one place yesterday (July 2, 2014) at the Salvation Army.  Yes, the Salvation Army.  We have one of their stores a couple miles from our camp and I am always on the lookout for great books that I can pick up for next to nothing.

Yesterday was ever better as they have 50% off all books on Wednesdays, with the exception of those books recently brought to the store (they have a color coding system to monitor this), so I wracked up a huge bill of about $4.61 for the four books.

Now that is what I call getting some great information on a budget…or I can even call it saving money so that I instead can use what I would have paid if I bought them through the store or online (you can click their links above and see their prices on Amazon if you don’t believe me) into advertising, software, marketing tools and other business related things that have an expense.

I have not jumped into reading them yet, though now they are some awesome additions to my office library and are ones I can now reference to for the rest of my life in business.  Books make great topics to write about ladies and gentleman!

For example, see some of my previous posts about books here:

Or you can make videos about them like I did for one book on Youtube here:

*NOTE: The two previous books with their posts where based on books I was given for gifts and the video series I put together for the “It’s a Jungle in there” book series was from a book I picked up at another hidden book source which I will mention next!

The Dollar Store

I have also had the luck to find some great $1 buys at the dollar store.  The kids love going in there to get a quick treat with the limited funds that they usually have and what better way to spend my time as they look through thousands of things that will most likely fall apart in a couple weeks is to see what books they have available.

Seeing as though their selection is usually not big, you can usually get through this in a few minutes and I have found some good ones there as well over the years.

The Library

People often forget that they have one of the most valuable resources withing their communities.  The local library is chock full of great marketing materials.  Whether it is an actual book you are looking to sign out, or what I often use it for more frequently, in audio books, the library either seems to have it, or knows how to get it.

Wherever I am traveling in my car, I always have some sort of knowledge building audio going and this week it is still “Think and Grow Rich” which is a marketing classic.  I also have a pile of about 6 more that I am ready to listen to when this one is done.

It is good to always have a backup, or more out so that if you finish one, you can get right into another one, though it is important that you do not read just to educate yourself, but to also expand the knowledge of others as well.

You need to SHARE your new content with others.  What were your big ideas, or aha moments!  How did you apply what you learned and what were your results.  The more you do this the more valuable you are going to become!


As I mentioned above, there certainly are many places to get some great content…even going to the bookstore and browsing titles and looking at the glossary can give you ideas of content to share with others.  The key thing you have to do it is actually take action and remember you can always go back and revise it later if you find what you presented needs to be updated.

So get out and go pick up a book today wherever you can!

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